How To Hack WI-FI By Cracking WPA HandShake On Kali-Linux

How To Hack WI-FI By Cracking WPA HandShake On Kali-Linux.

Hello, today I will teach you how to hack Wi-Fi Using John The Ripper Tool. I have already made a post on How To Hack WI-FI Using Social Engineering Tool-[Fluxion] on Kali Linux. But, that method wants the victim to be online in order to work successfully. But, hold on I have a new method for you to successfully crack any someone's WiFi key. If you have a good configuration Pc. So, this method is absolutely best for you. And, although expensive WiFi-adapters and any external software are not required. All the work can be done by using the inbuilt software and commands of Kali-Linux. But, this is a quite slow method to hack Wi-Fi networks as weare not using any type of phishing pages it all depends on your computer speed. The people who were unable to hack Wi-Fi networks through fluxion Tool can try this for sure. So, friends let's Talk on this.

What is John The Ripper Tool?
John the Ripper is a free password cracking software tool. Initially, developed for the Unix operating system, it now runs on fifteen different platforms.
It is one of the most popular password testing and breaking programs as it combines a number of password crackers into one package, autodetects password hash types, and includes a customizable cracker. It can be run against various encrypted password formats including several crypt password hash types
Various attack can be played using John The Ripper Tool like:-

1.Brute-force search
2.Brute-force attack
3.Crack (password software)
4.Computer hacking
5.Hacking tool
6.Password cracking

1.Kali-Linux Operating System-download
2.John The Ripper tool-download-download
3.Fluxion tool-download
3.Patience And Presence of Mind.

Steps to Go:-
1. Download and Install Kali-Linux Operating System.

2.In Order to crack victim's WI-FI password. We just have to capture its "WPA handshake" file.
3.In order to capture WPA handshake of a particular WI-FI network properly and easily. I will make a use of fluxion tool and i also recommends you to do the same as well. For,this just follow some simple steps:-

4.Open Fluxion And Select Your Language.

How To Hack WI-FI By Cracking WPA HandShake On Kali-Linux.

5.Select All Channels.

How To Hack WI-FI By Cracking WPA HandShake On Kali-Linux.

6.Choose Network To Attack.

How To Hack WI-FI By Cracking WPA HandShake On Kali-Linux.

7.Select "Fake-AP".

How To Hack WI-FI By Cracking WPA HandShake On Kali-Linux.

8.Select "Enter".

9.Select "aircarck-ng".

10.Select "Deauth All".

Note: And Wait For 2 Minutes While Fluxion is Capturing the Target Handshake(It is a File Containing Victims Password But Encrypted in Hashes).

11.Now, we have captured the required victim WPA Handshake file as shown in the picture.

12.Go to the "Home" and look for "Handshakes" folder in your Kali-Linux.

13. Copy the WPA handshake file on the desktop.

14.Open Your Terminal Window and type the following Commands One by One.
"cd Desktop"

15.Then, type the following commands into the terminal Window.where anasrao.cap is a file name.
 " aircrack-ng anasrao.cap -J captohccap"

16.The Output will be shown as given in the picture and file will be created on the desktop naming "captohccap.hccap".

17.Now Type the following commands one by one.
"cd Desktop"
"cd JohntheRipper"

18.Type "cd run"

19.Type "ls" and click enter.

20.Type the following Commands.
 "hccap2john /root/Desktop/captohccap.hccap > /root/Desktop/caphash.txt".

21.Now, a file is created naming "caphash.txt".As shown in picture below.

22.Open the another terminal window and type the following Commands one by one.
  "cd Desktop"
  "john caphash.txt"

Hopefully the password is cracked.

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