This is me - Anas Rao. I'm an 18 Years Young (I'm not Old :P) passionate blogger from Saharanpur, India. I'm always eager to learn new things in Technology World and to fullfil my hunger.I spent pretty good hours with my HP Laptop. This results in the quality growth of mine and blog as well. I am a Technology Geek. Always ready to fight with bugs and learn something new. I'm completely self-taught from the very beginning of my journey where the passion of learning new things don't let me sleep(sometimes eat).

LetsTalk Is an Independent blog dedicated to Provide some high-quality knowledge and content from around the web – Covering various topics like technology, design, websites ,android applications ,blogging ,templates ,widgets and software reviews and news as well, We place heavy emphasis on using, reviewing, and promoting products that exemplify good design in hardware and in software. Our passion for good design is rooted in the belief that even the most practical devices can be visually appealing and enjoyable.

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